Composition Master Class and Workshop for Music Theater

<Composition Master Class and Workshop for Music Theater>

This workshop explores contemporary music theater, and the theatrical in new music. In a seminar setting over 5 days, we will discuss important pieces of contemporary music theater, and also do a hands-on workshop to create theatrical sketch ideas for our own work. There will be guest presentations from composers, performers, and a performance artist.

강사 : Jared Redmond

특별 초청강사 : 최우정

- 강의 내용

11일(수) - What is theater? Why use theater in contemporary composition?

12일(목) - Guest lecture : 최우정

13일(금) - Theatrical music and the voice (Guest: 박민희)

16일(월) - Theatrical music and the body

17일(화) - Between theater, music, opera, and conceptual art

일정 : 7월 11일 - 17일 (11일, 12일, 13일, 16일, 17일 총 5일)

시간 : 13시 - 17시 (4시간)

장소 : 한양대학교 제2음악관 컴퓨터음악실

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